View Full Version : 318 w 3 speed on the colum still in car

04-02-2017, 04:20 PM
I got a 67 coronet 440 w / 318 and a 3 spd on the colum w / bellhousing and I assume clutch and pressure plate . engine turns but wont start .gas tank rusted out w/ lite surface rust on k-member and sub-frame . body has lite surface rust but no holes . has a slight dent in very rear of quarter panel . I put some bondo in it and it don't look to bad . other then that there are no dents . cracked windshield , other glass is good . no interior , I took a holesaw and started cutting holes in the inner door panals to lighten the car up , I was going to build a gasser out of it or maybe a ratrod . I also cut the front floor board out cause I was going to build an aluminum interior . the simulated air ducts are now functional on one side . rusted rear bumper and no front bumper . grill is in bad shape . the body actually looks pretty good exept for the lite surface rust and a ton of mold growing on it has 4 tires on it that wont hold air . don't ask for pics cause for some reason I cant send them here from my computer . I could probley send pics to your email . if you want it send me your best offer and get with a shipping company . I,m in Columbus Georgia . if I cant sell it here I,ll be putting it on ebay or keeping it . I still got dreams of having a gasser . thanks . booboo