Some of you may have read in my post on the 'New to the Forum' section I recently bought a 65 Coronet 500 from my aunt. The car was previously owned by my Great Grandfather. He bought the car used, with 600 miles on it, in 1965. My aunt has owned it since the late 80's, the last time she drove the car was in 1992, it has not been run since then.

Car is in pretty good shape for its age has some rust over the rear wheels and I noticed some rust on the bottom of the rear quarters. Floor pans look to be in good shape. It also has some dents on the nose and front fenders, my Great Grandfather couldn't see to well and he clipped two trees. Interior is in ok shape, driver seat needs to be recovered. One thing I need to fix is the steering wheel, the cover or horn bracket has two rivets that are popped off. Could I just drill them out and put in a screw?

Since the car has not run since 1992, I need to go through it before I even try to start it. I have put some mystery oil in the spark plug holes and I also put some in each of the oil filler on either sets of valve covers. I know I need to drain the gas from the tank. What is the best way to do this? Also, can anybody give me other things I should do. All opinions are welcome.

Here are some pics from it being moved and some I took of it in the garage.