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Thread: Station wagon tailgate window crank repair

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    Station wagon tailgate window crank repair

    If you have the manual window crank like mine and its getting sloppy, it can be fixed for $1.00. It is better to do this before it is completely shot so you can get the window to operate(trust me I know).

    Get the window down and open tailgate, and carefully open window back up while supporting and have something to rest it on ready so it cant fall off track, I used a chair with a cushion. Then take the metal panel off inside to access crank handle nuts (3)7/16 socket. Once unit is off there is a spring steel retainer holding the catch spring in, pop that off as it is probably nasty and needs cleaning, once that is off and out you can see a external c-clip holding the rest together. Take that off and clean up and go the hardware store and find the fiber washers section (plumbing). Grab one same size as original spring washer, mine was a $1.00. About 0.20 thick mine was.

    Put it back together with the fiber washer on clip side with some lube and button it up .
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