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Thread: Flaming River Tilt Steering Columns?

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    Flaming River Tilt Steering Columns?

    I'm going to be using one of the 1966 reproduction factory style plastic 2 spoke steering wheels, or possibly one of the reproduction 1967 factory style plastic 3 spoke wheels when I do the interior restoration on my 1966 Coronet 500.

    With that in mind, I'm wondering if any of our members here on the DCR have installed one of the Flaming River stainless steel tilt steering columns in thier 1966, or 1967 Coronets? The reason that I've been looking into the aftermarket tilt steering columns, is because the large diameter of the factory steering wheels does not give much of a "comfort zone" between the bottom of the steering wheel and the laps of some of my larger friends who will be driving my car on occasion, so I thought that installing one of the tilt columns would make for a much more comfortable experience.

    Flaming River offers their columns in a natural stainless steel finish which can be painted, a polished stainless steel finish and a powdercoated Black finish, which is the one I'd most likely be interedsted in, but neither Flaming River or Summit Racing has any pictures of the Black version available, so has anybody seen one in person? Is it a gloss, or satin Black finish?

    My concerns for these aftermarket columns are the following.

    (01) Ease of installing the column into the interior of the car, as well as connecting the column to the factory power steering box.
    (02) Connecting the wiring harness from the column to my cars factory wiring harness.
    (03) Will my reproduction factory style steering wheel bolt up to the aftermarker column without issues?
    (04) Will there be a hassle with mating up the turn signal and horn controls from the aftermarket column to the cars factory systems and the reproduction steering wheel?
    (05) How much steering wheel adjustability do you actually gain with one of these tilt columns?

    Here's a link to Summit Racing for the natural finished stainless steel Flaming River tilt column, part #FR20006CP. Says it's correct for my 66 Coronet 500 application with automatic transmission, floor mounted shifter and power steering. .

    And a second link to the specs page.

    Thanks for any thoughts anyone might have from doing a conversion like this. These columns aren't inexpensive, so I'd like to see if a conversion like this is worthwhile and if so, try to avoid as many possible issues that may be involved as possible if I decide to go this route.

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