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    Disc brake conversion part numbers

    If you've done the A/M body disk brake conversion on your car (or manage to get yourself a hold of a set of spindles/brackets), and the parts store doesn't list the parts anymore, here's some part numbers to help them cross reference:

    All are Bendix part numbers unless otherwise specified

    Calipers: Raybestos FRC2067 (left) and Raybestos FRC2068 (right) (if you or someone moved the calipers to the rear to allow for a sway bar, then swap the numbers accordingly)

    Rotors: 14115

    Bearings: Inner: BCA A17 Outer: BCA A2 Seal: 5121

    Master Cylinder: 11627 (This is a manual brake MC for a police car. It has the same spec's as the Mopar Performance MC).

    Brake Pads: MKD84 (OEM on the police cars.. only difference between this and regular pad is it's semi-metallic.

    Proportioning valve: Used a Wilwood adjustable. They weren't re-popping the OEM style valves back then.
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