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    Hello all,

    I just added another album (CD) to my collection yesterday. This time it's an English Progressive Rock band called This Winter Machine. If you live for bands such as Black Sabbath, AC / DC or other similar bands, then this album won't be your best bet, but if you love well written and performed Progressive Rock music with excellent instrumentation and a very good vocalists, then you will want to consider adding this excellent debut album to your collection like I have. I have also posted this complete album in the Radio DCR Full Album And Concert thread on page number 65 and I have posted the DCR thread link to that page below so that you can give it a listen before you purchase it.

    DCR Page Link To This Album:

    By the way, there are 2 releases of this album as I've posted below and would think that the second reissued version will be easier to find. I also purchased the reissued version.



    This Winter Machine - "The Man Who Never Was"


    Al Wynter: vocals, producer
    Gary Jevon: guitar
    Mark Numan: keyboards, backing vocals
    Peter Priestly: bass guitar
    Marcus Murray: drums, percussion

    Original country: West Yorkshire, England
    Style of music: Progressive Rock

    Additional Personnel:

    Graham Garbett: guitar
    Scott Owens: guitar
    Andy Milner: drums, percussion
    Recorded at: Moorcroft Studios in Cleckheaton and Czar Street Studios in Leeds

    Record Labels, Album Release Dates And CD Release Numbers:

    Original CD Record Label: Progressive Gears
    Original CD release date: January 16, 2017
    Original CD release number: PGR-CD0003
    Original CD release bar code: 0611677076924

    Reissued CD Record Label: Festival Music Co. UK, aka F2 Music
    Reissued CD release date: June 24, 2017
    Reissued CD release number: 201706
    Reissued CD release bar code: 5060161580518

    Album Song Track Listing For Both Releases:

    (01) "The Man Who Never Was"
    Part A: "Asleep"
    Part B: "Dreaming"
    Part C: "Snow"
    Part D: "Awake"
    (02) "The Wheel"
    (03) "Lullaby" (Interrupted)
    (04) "After Tomorrow Comes"
    (05) "Fractured"

    Album Cover Front:

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