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Thread: 50 coronet wont start

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    50 coronet wont start

    hello I need some help please, my car always had hard time starting BUT it sat for about 1yr tried starting wouldn't ,I traced to fuel pump bad[line clear] ordered /installed test works great.still wont start.ordered cap rotor plugs wires cond points[noticed when removed cap# 1 was at appr.10 oclock. got parts. found out distributor is a 51.located correct parts installed.still didn't start.checked timing at #1comp stroke as someone wrote with plug wire and test light to grd.&ign to on.never got it to lite,tried as repair book stated with #6 cylinder [not very clear] I assume when book said primary wire it was center coil wire? &neg post the light never came on. I checked connection for cond/points look is 020.with test light on neg batt post it lights on everything on dist. the wires on coil was hooked up as same as old.i pulled #1 plug grounded on block turned spark no spark from load side of coil wire to grd.even if rotor is at 10 rather than 7 oclock and I put #1 wire there shouldn't it still work?the distributor has a tube going to carb so cant move much cw to ccw. im at wits end if I get fire it should start p.s. looking at wiring diagram in manual I see on - side of coil goes back to ignition then a wire goes to a gas cap switch [really,in 1950?] anyone familier with this will switch keep engine from starting?
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