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Thread: Project "YANKEE EXPRESS" 1967 Coronet

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    Express update..

    I made some progress on the T-Bird tail light housing fabrication. Using 20 gauge metal I formed a boxed panel to bolt to the bucket assembly and weld the bottom edge to the trunk floor rim and the inside wall of the trunk sides of the quarters. Cutting 3" holes behind each bucket to allow for pulling sockets etc. I had to cut the panel and do two pieces because my brake is only 30 inches wide. i'll stitch them back together after install. I removed the trunk rear seal lip that I had tacked up because it turned out to be too low and also cut out the area to both sides to fit up the light panel and then when it's where I want it i'll add back metal to bring it all back together. I also started on the quarter tail extension mods to close out the shorter ends of the T-Bird light panel. Changes the opening from square to an arrow shape like the end of the light panel. Will try panel bond on the edges that touch the extension and weld the face and new cup end together. Will go over that with filler. The Fury seatback arrived and now I can mock up the roadster type panel that will cover the area behind the buckets. Have Volvo V70Xc bucket seats right now but have looked at some Audi and some Buick SUV brown leather seats that I like better. I'm going back to the salvage yard and picking up the tail light sequencer from that T-Bird and the center trim for the light panel that I forgot. I'm also contemplating beginning a wiring diagram for this car, since so many things have been both changed, and added. I'll have to find diagrams for a 66 T-Bird, a 2002 Audi A6, a 1967 Coronet, a 1974 Dodge, and a 1970 Road Runner and cut and paste as it were. lol. Also bought a 66 Charger front grille assembly to put in.
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