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    Interesting idea..Try it..

    I know this has been done before. I am not claiming to have invented this technique. I have used it for ages..with people. But on a sunset shoot this past weekend I used it on my car and my friends car.

    Basically set your camera up focus wise using AV setting, as if you are shooting the car normally. (whatever angle you choose is ok). But have your camera attached to a tripod (or monopod) that is already extended out high enough to be around waist high if the tripod was on the ground.

    Now, grab the tripod and extend your arms up so you are holding the tripod like a flag pole at about chest/neck high. On my tripod I can angle the camera down as well, that is good to do if you can, or, if you are willing to try it, just tilt the tripod and camera downwards towards the car at an angle. This is so you shoot the car roof etc.

    Have a look at what this technique resulted in..

    I thought this might help..This is a photo of me taking the photos above.
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