Sadly, I heard on the national news this morning that David Bowie passed away last night at age 69 after losing his battle with cancer.

David Bowie was one of the very special musicians in Rock that continued to change his music throughout his illustrious career and always for the better. Rest in peace Mr. Bowie, your family, friends and many fans will miss you very much.

Mr. Bowie just celebrated his 69th Birthday and also just released his new and final studio album titled Blackstar on January 8th 2016, so fans should try to purchase this album we were given as a gift just before his passing.

Just a few of the many fantastic songs that Mr. Bowie has given us during his journey here on Earth.


"Space Oddity"

"Ziggy Stardust"

"Life On Mars?"



"Suffragette City"

"Wild Is The Wind"

"Station To Station"

Two songs from his brand new album "Darkstar".