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    Spring Fling

    65 Coronet body in white.. while the price seemed high at first, when you factor in he had all the trim in good shape, and there was absolutely zero rust or dents, it just needed a paint job to be a good car.

    Seen one rust bucket convertible, seen em all.. (JUST KIDDING JEFF!!)

    This R/T was in very nice shape, didn't get a chance to talk to the owner, but it was a sweet looking car

    Richard has some competition for the brightest yellow on a 66

    If you watched Emergency! on TV in the 70's, you remember this one. It's not a clone, it's the actual one used in the show. LA County Fire Museum brought it out.

    This looked to be a all original car, even had the trim on the taillights. The kind of car you sit in a yellow convertible going " am I driving this for?"

    And finally, my second favorite vehicle there (first was the US Forest service pickup I wanted to drive home).. it don't gotta be perfect to drive it and enjoy it.

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