Just want to share this Youtube video I found on the subject of throttle pressure adjustments. Otherwise known as the kick down adjustment. After watching this corny filmstrip from the 1970`s I realized that I was setting my kick down linkage WRONG!!!!

Also with the throttle pressure valve improperly adjusted another lesser known side effect is torque converter drain back if left sitting for more than a few days.
The throttle pressure valve needs to be closed when the engine is off. If its open, the converter will draw air through the open throttle pressure valve and drain back into the the pan causing a over full condition in the transmission pan. ( Then oil seeps from everywhere it can )

For those who have suffered countless pan gasket replacement trying to solve this crime scene found every time your mopar sits a few days might want to watch this video.

My 67 left sitting more than a few days would have a massive oil puddle under it.
I made the adjustment and all is perfect except a tiny main seal drip.


Good Luck and Enjoy