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Thread: Why do the heater hoses keep leaking on me at the firewall!!!???

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    Question Why do the heater hoses keep leaking on me at the firewall!!!???

    New repop Chrysler hoses with numbers and what not with new clamps. The hoses just will not stay sealed! They are fine on the nipples of the water pump. I have taken them off and cleaned them, tried putting the brown molasses stuff on them...everything!

    I had a screw clamp on them and that held but the OEM style clamps just don't seem to have enough bite.
    My theories are hose wall on these hoses are thinner not allowing a good clamp and possibly the clamps not getting enough pinch. I even tried bending them slightly to aid that. Any other time you have to pull a hose you almost have to cut it off. I hate antifreeze messes. I want to keep the oem look but am temped to just put the screw clamps on. I want to cut the hose back a bit to start fresh but of course the hoses are cut with barely any extra to play with.

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