Gonna be in the 80's this weekend,still got the top up till mid April,as we always have a cool snap around Easter,sorry for you boys up there in the North East,but then again, I think ya are used to that kind of weather, I cannot tolerate the cold, it gets tougher every year down here for me,and we don't get cold like ya do. Hell I am 56 and feel like a pansy when it comes to the cold,I have duck hunted in some stupid cold before,me and my lab, and I don't think I wanna do that kind of hunting in those extreme conditions anymore, but I just lost my lab of 14yrs, so if I get another lab,I may reconsider, losing a dog freakin sucks and right now my heart is not there to get attached to another a lab (the only dog to have) Hope ya survive the storm, drink and no worries