So I wanted to wait to post about my fuel injection upgrade until all the bugs were worked out, but I need help with this one.
New additions are EZ EFI 1.0 (used), Summit CD ignition box, and Powermaster 100 amp alternator. The orange box and ballast resistor are removed. I have a jumper across the resistor terminals and this is also where I'm getting the switched power to the ignition and fuel injection. The car is up and running but the voltage constantly jumps between 14 & 16. Tried a new voltage regulator and tried the old alternator and problem still exists.
I tried a jumper for the switched leads for both injection and ignition box direct to battery and it still did it. Also tried a jumper from the VR case to neg post and still jumping back and forth. Could the 100 amp alternator have fried the VRs?
BTW, Is there another switched source under the dash that has power while cranking too?