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Thread: 1966-67 B-Body Headliner Sail Panel Boards On Ebay

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    On the 1966 (and I believe the 1967) Dodge Coronet 2 door hardtop models, these sail panel boards are located underneath the cloth headliner on the "C" pillars so that you have a surface on the rear "C" pillars to attach the cloth tails of the headliner to, so having them covered in material really isn't important on my 66 500 as I had originally thought.

    This style of sail panel boards are for use on 2 door hardtops models only, as obviously convertible models with folding tops don't have them and 2 and 4 door sedans are different as well.

    I will say that I did miss one important possible design flaw regarding these reproduction sail panel boards. I forgot that my 66 500 has the upgraded 500 trim level courtesy lights mounted in the interior side of rear "C" pillars and these lights were also optional on the 2 door hardtop 440 trim level cars as well and these sail panel boards don't look to have provisions for those lights, so I'll have to look at that when they arrive. It may be that the half circle that is cut out of the backside of the board is where the wiring passes through the board from the backside of the lights and then into the "C" pillar.


    A picture of another 66 Coronet 500's interior showing the "C" pillar mounted courtesy light.

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