Hi all,

New here and recently owner of a '69 Coronet R/T, with VIN WS23L9E112164.
This number was found on the engine block, and the last 8 digits were confirmed on the chassis on the radiator support and trunk lid lip.
The car has no fender tags, or build sheet with it, as it must have been imported i am hoping to find someone who might have some history on this car.
From what i have been told here in the Netherlands from the guys who are in the scene for quite some time someone remembers seeing this car here in 1997.
So anywhere between the '70's en 1997 the car was shipped over, unfortunately the registration was done illegal as it took the VIN and licence plates from a Coronet 500 that already was registered here. (VIN as per registration: WP23G0A131914)
This was done a lot years ago here with import cars, an old rusty car was swapped with a fresh import, fender tags removed and a VIN was hand stamped in the body.
Here cars are not allowed to have a full VIN stated on a removable tag, instead it had to be stamped.
The current color is Sublime green, although the color i found during some repair work was a dark green color on the battery support frame and brackets.

I hope someone recognizes this car and might still have some documentation, build sheet or fender tag lying around.

Thanks for reading!