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Thread: 1966 Coronet 500 rear leaf springs

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    1966 Coronet 500 rear leaf springs

    Does anybody have experience in installing rear leaf springs? What do I connect first . . . . front, middle, rear?

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    Put jack stands under the car under the rear part of the frame - that supports the rear of the car, and get it pretty high in the air. Put a second set of jack stands slightly under the axle tubes, but you will need a floor jack under the center of the rear. You will need to manipulate the height of the rear with the floor jack.

    First remove the u clamps. Be prepared to replace them if your old ones are rusty, you might break them taking them off. Get the axle tubes slightly off the leafs and solidly on the jack stands. You will need to put a 2 x 4 under the pinion so it does not rotate down on you once you remove the u clamps. Make sure the rear is now safely secured on the jack stands and leave the floor jack as a second safety measure.

    Drop the rear hangars first and put the rear of the leafs on the ground. Drop the front next.

    Reverse the procedure to install and good luck! Not a real bad job if the stuff is not too rusty.
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    Front perch first. I installed the large bolt pointing outward kinda as a fail-safe. The frame rail would prevent it from backing out all the way in the event the nut came off. The extra leaf spring goes on the right. Loosely install the four front nuts on each side. Then roll the axle over the springs loosely attaching U-bolts. Then raise axle and springs to attach rear mounts. This is all a breeze with new hardware!

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    X3 and be sure to torque the u-bolt nuts and the front hanger bolts.
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