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    cam recommendations

    Ive got a 383 that was rebuild by old owner,its all stock but i want that lumpy idle that sounds like music to my ears, I will change my timing chain and valve springs as well but id like to hear from anyone that knows of a cam lift and duration i can get as a kit maybe? I dont race my car just love the sound and would like a bit more pep! thx dave

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    Have a friend that tried one of the thumper cams from comp cams for the same reason and was happy with the sound, he said it ran pretty good as well.

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    Below is a short Youtube video that my awesome DCR brother Mike (67440Dodge) made of my 440 with factory HP cast iron exhaust manifolds and 3" exhaust in my 1966 Coronet 500 a few months ago not long after he had installed a new flat tappet hydraulic Lunati camshaft and lifter kit. While it's a very mild camshaft as far as it's specifications go, it produces a lot of critical engine vacuum at idle and lower rpms to help operated my cars power assisted front disc brakes and it runs very well on the street while still giving a nice sounding idle. I can give you more information on this cam if you're interested.


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    I have a comp cams xe274 in the 400 in my dart, it has a great sounding idle but may not work in stock motor. Be sure to check your piston to valve clearance when going with a larger cam. More Duration gives you the lumpy idle and also causes the valves to open sooner and close later, getting in the way of the piston when it goes to the top of its stroke.
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    I've used a comp cams 280H
    in 2 383's, sounds great and runs hard. For the street install the cam 2 degrees advanced. and use an 11 inch converter.
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