Used to be a member years ago, but due to mobility/health issues I had to park my '68 Coronet 500 convertible (and '69 Firebird 400) in the garage for 11 years. Got it running last week and had to re-register. My uncle bought it new, sold it to his dad and I bought it from my grandfather about 20 years ago. The car was from (western) Pennsylvania so it has it's fare share of rust. My in-laws bought new seat covers when I first bought the car. While I was at it, I replaced the carpet. I would like to restore it some day, but being on a fixed income not sure when that will happen. Here's a few pics and you can see the rest of the pics on my website below.

My Uncle in 1969

The most recent pic, about 15 years ago.

Me "polishing a turd" this evening.