I finally dropped a motor and transmission in my '66 convertible......A dirty old running 273 out of my 67 500. I had a friend help, and I knew he was gonna say "your not gonna drop that dirty motor in her are ya" I laughed, and replied "yes, I need to get excited about this thing, and one good way will be to drive it around the block." Since I have owned it, it has never moved under its own power.................and, maybe, just maybe by the end of the week?????

I have a quick questions for you convertible gurus..... I can't remember putting this car on jackstands with a motor in the engine bay. After the motor went in last week, I raised the front end using the K-frame in order to adjust the torsion bars...I proceeded to put jack stands on the frame just behind the firewall, seemed when I lowered the car down to the jack stands, there was a ton of flex on the front end. Is that a no no? is it normal for it to flex that much or am I missing something? I know convertibles lack a lot of structural strength by not having a solid roof, but this seemed pretty excessive. Can someone advise me on this?