I am going to have to pull motor and tranny to fix some oil leaks- (rear main or pan, tranny front pump seal). While its out I'm thinking of putting in a mini starter to cure the hot start issue as we have headers on the car. It starts but its laboring and always makes ya wonder. I bought the wrap to do the starter but never installed it. I like the original look but lets face it-don't wanna be stranded. Also the steering gear that was rebuilt probably 10 years ago only survived one summer and is now leaking from where the steering column enters. Leaking bad too. Both the starter and steering gear can are gonna be easier to do by pulling the motor-again due to Hooker Super comps. I want to change these outs and wanna get your guys input on firm feel or any company along with mini starter thoughts. Will a firm feel box change the ratio or just the effort of steering? Right now its a one finger operation. Car is just a cruiser.
Also gotta fix:
Leaking brake caliper
Leaking heater hose
Install correct 402 oil pan and pickup

Damn I love old cars...