ever have one? In trying to find out what was starving the engine I found out it was 1/4Ē short. Itís the original that has 70K on it. Interesting part is I bought a Mancini house made one and put it in. It was tight going in. I proceeded to tap it all the way in. Figured it would wear in. WRONG! It was so tight the fuel pump wasnít able to push it back in! Now what! I tried working it by bumping the engine over and then pushing it back in. Not happening! I was using a big Allen wrench as a prybar to push the pushrod back in when I slipped. The wrench fell INSIDE THE ENGINE! F$&-!!!! At that point I slept on it. I have a stuck pushrod and now a 6Ē Allen wrench down in the block! Next day I pull the alternator for some peek a boo room. I drop a magnet into the fuel pump hole. By the stroke of gods hand it grabbed it! I shit bricks slowly pulling it up. I managed to get it near the hole and grabbed the bastard! . Now back to the pushrod thatís stuck. I pull the distributor and can barely see the tip. I bump the engine to open a gap between the cam and rod. I then fabricated a bent tip rod and proceeded to tap the new bad pushrod out. That WORKED! How I survived both F ups I have no idea. Car runs better now and I hope no more problems!!!