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    To ws27, I got all 6 side pieces and the rear window from my buddy. He has a bunch of Mopars and some brand X cars down in Kentucky. Got them out of a Plymouth. I plan to buy the windshield from some local glass installer. Even though there is not that much of a difference between tinted and untinted, I think it still adds a good looking touch.

    To 67r/t4speeder, I was bidding on Ebay, and was beat out at the last second. I contacted the seller and asked if he had another set. He said yes, and I told him I would pay the same amount as the one that just sold. He agreed, seeing as how he would save himself any seller fees by selling directly to me. I paid less than $400 for all the wiring, and all four regulators and motors. I think the trouble with modern kits is first they seem to be for the front windows only, and, second obviously, the switches are not OEM style. I think the look between a hardtop with only the front window(s) down, and all four down is tremendous. I am getting to be too old to try and roll them all down or up from the driver seat, and too lazy to walk around the car and do it. Besides my car is an RT, which in a lot of cases had numerous luxury accessories. I would never think about putting them on a Super Bee.
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