Hey guys. I'm looking to sell my Coronet. I originally bought it from a buddy with plans to fix it up but just don't have the time. We are currently doing foster care with the plan to adopt and an trying to connect the money needed to pay for the adoption. The state covers a lot of the cost in this situation but there is still some.

So I have a 67 Dodge Coronet 4 door. It currently has a 318 Polly block with around 35k miles on it (no way to prove). It's automatic with column shift. All of the trim, lights, grill are original and in perfect shape. Has all 4 original huh caps. Dash is in decent shape. Back seat has one small mark on it.

Driver side wheel well will need to be replaced due to rust however this is the only spot on the entire car with and rust damage. Front passenger side has a dent where a truck bumped into it but should be easily repaired. Just had all the hoses on the car replaced.

Engine runs. My buddy drove it all the way down to Ms when I bought it from him and I drove it all the way back up when we moved back without a single issue.

Only wanting what I paid him for it. Really just want to see it not go to waste and eventually rust away. Asking 2k.

Any questions please ask. I feel like the 4 doors are getting to be quite rare.