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Thread: Need advice to keep my '65 Coronet 440 alive.

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    Need advice to keep my '65 Coronet 440 alive.

    Hi guys. I used to use this forum many years ago. I have a '65 Coronet 440 with the 318 poly. The poor thing has finally given up on me. It spews smoke like a freight train. It's been around the block for the last time. I want to know what my options are. I have done everything on my car myself, but rebuilding the motor I don't feel is way out of my comfort zone. I was really hoping I could find a "crate motor" and then use a local shop to switch the engines out for me. But I haven't found any rebuilt 318 polys online as of yet.

    Looking at other Coronets for sale online I have noticed that it seems common to swap the 318 to the 383. And honestly. I am open to anything that makes sense as ideally, this is a car I want to keep and pass down to my son. I've driven it reliably since before he was born and he is 12 years old now. The body is straight and not full of rust. It's a gem to drive. Or was before it started smoking so crazily. I am in Portland Oregon, and don't know any Mopar guys around here to even know where to start. I have always dreamt of someday replacing the drive train with new and solid gear. And if it did end up easier to upgrade to a larger engine. I am for all for that. Please let me know your thoughts and advice. I truly appreciate it!
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    I don't think you'll find any rebuilt poly 318's anywhere. Years ago one of the Mopar resto places in NJ had a pile of NOS shortblocks that they pulled the steel cranks out of and sold cheap.
    Swapping to a 383 requires a different transmission.
    Putting in an LA 273/318/340/360 is pretty easy, Same transmission, same motor mounts. Some exhaust mods will be needed.

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