My thoughts (which have always been my day dreams with this car) that the car is in a stage of not being driven until I get another to upgrade both the transmission and diff. All because, over the time I have driven it over the past 13 years. It cruised strong, all day long, but if I stood on it, I would hear and feel that it wasn't making the transmission happy. I used to think it was perhaps the drive shaft wrapping on the floor as I have lowered the car a decent amount, but came to realize, it's tired parts. The diff, I would like to find out if it is the 8.75" and if it is, keep it but rebuild it so it's solid. The transmission would sometimes hold in 2nd and not want to shift to 3rd. And to get it into reverse, meant I would over shift and come back for it to engage. Standard old car stuff, but signs that it could use some help too. So to replace it as well as the motor, I am not against doing. Definitely, have no problem with setting up a floor shifter. I am even prepared for shortening the driveshaft in order of different parts going into this. We will see.

It's all homework right now, and I'll gather information from everywhere and everyone, till I come to a conclusion that lets me get this all taken care of so I can drive her once again. Thank you so much for giving me some more information on what I have to face to make this happen. I truly appreciate it!