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Thread: Vin # decode and emblem question.

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    Hello again Ray,

    Regarding the emblems for your Coronet, being that it is a WH model that would make it a Coronet 440 trim level model, so along with those Coronet letters that you have there should also be a 440 medallion which has two mounting studs on the back side of each medallion and those two studs go through the two holes that you're asking about on each of the quarter panels. The factory part number for both of those 440 medallions is 2763178 and the part number for the mounting nuts for those medallions is 6026431 and of course you will need four of those mounting nuts. I have also posted a picture of a 1967 Coronet 440 2 door hardtops drivers side rear quarter panel showing the locations of the Coronet letters and the 440 medallions below.


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