Well it's that time, at least as far as I can tell. '67 Coronet, was a 318, about to have a '68 383 installed. The engine bay is empty except for the steering gear. The motor is bare of accessories as I figured the less stuff on it, the easier the install. I have the conversion mounts from Shumacher. Here is my question list

1. Should the mounts be on the engine or on the frame?
2. Install the mini starter now or after the engine is in place?
3. Do I need to do anything on the back end to make sure the tranny matches up later (727 auto)?
4. Any special tips? I have a standard 1T hoist and heavy duty chain that I was going to bolt to the block/heads rather than picking from the carb block off plate. I don't have the load leveler but could get that if it makes a huge difference.

Thanks again everyone.