Just me, but driving once a month beats storing it. Excluding winter months of course. And and having never seen the car and as good a shape as your posting allows, I would leave it alone (except for safety items like brakes, tires, shocks, etc) Right now you have what sounds like a very nice 440 survivor 'vert. Going thru the motions to restore it to showroom condition means you'll have a great looking 440' vert, a nice car but in the Mopar world never always be give it the same attention. I my mind, survivors (which is what you have) beat trailered poodles every day of the day hands down. Hell, they probably have more work don't to them over the years and keeping records than the high dollar Hemi and Six Pack cars.

Steve Magnante has a show on TV where he goes thru junkyards and talk about certain Mopars. One was a pretty rough (and I'm being nice) car (68 Road Runner) that he said Yes, it's restorable (only thru a VIN swap IMHO), it'll cost you over $100 grand but it will never be worth it. Another episode he said $40K to restore a 340 Dart that was only worth $30k when done, BUT in a few years would be worth $80k, and that he would do.