Harlequin Mass - "Harlequin Mass" - complete reissued 1994 Mellow Records CD version of this album which included 4 bonus tracks - original album was released in 1978.

Harlequin Mass Band Personnel:

Lyle Holdahl: lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, string ensemble, synthesizer, piano, organ, bass synthesizer, flute, percussion
Nancy Kaye: lead vocals, backing vocals, bass synthesizer
John Reagan: backing vocals, drums, percussion
Jeff Pike: backing vocals, acoustic guitar, lead electric guitar, classical guitar, piano, synthesizer, saxophone, clarinet

Additional Personnel:

Collin Heade: cello and special guitar on track 3
Rob Metcalfe: synthesizer programming, special effects
Mark Reagan: snare drum and 2nd hand cymbals on track 4

Stubborn Puppet Band Personnel: (Bonus Tracks)

Lyle Holdahl: guitar, synthesizers, backing vocals
Nancy Kaye: lead vocals, backing vocals
Kevin Hay: lead guitar
Carl Bennett: bass guitar
Tom Dickens: drums

Original Album Tracks:

(01) "Introit (A Mass For The Harlequin)" (00:00)
(02) "Love & Death" (03:09)
(03) "One Step Home" (10:46)
(04) "Space Cats" (18:18)
(05) "Loss Of A Friend" (19:18)
(06) "A New Song" (22:57)
(07) "Sky Caller" (27:18)

Reissued 1994 Mellow Records CD Released Bonus Tracks: (Stubborn Puppet songs)

(08) "My Place (38:18)
(09) "Meantime" (41:32)
(10) "Fabulous Angel" (45:34)
(11) "Jeopardy" (49:38)