Vital Science - "Imaginations On The Subject Of Infinity" - complete album - released in June 2014.


Alexey Boykov: vocals
Aleksandr Volpert: guitar
Vladimir Mihailicenko: guitar
Sergey Boykov: keyboards
Stanislav Kilmasov: bass guitar
Rustam Guseinov: drums, percussion
Original country: International
Type of music: Symphonic Power Metal

(01) "Overture"
(02) "Bridge Of Sorrow"
(03) "The Last Trial"
(04) "Endless Sky"
(05) "Truth Be Told"
(06) "Fallen From Grace"
(07) "Black Judgement Day"
(08) "Dream Survives"
(09) "Prayer To Survive"
(10) "The Curtains Fall"