Surprise - “Assault On Merryland” - complete album - released in 1977.


Rick Bess: acoustic 12 string guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar
Blair Blake: Hammond organ, grand piano, Mini Moog synthesizer, Moog taurus bass pedals, ARP string ensemble, celeste
Dave Kelly: drums, typani drums, orchestra bells, gongs, triangles, gyro
Mark Biehl: vocals, flute, trumpet, piccolo
Recorded at: Technisonic Studios, St. Louis, Missouri
Type of music: Symphonic Progressive Rock
Original country: US

(01) "Eve Of The Assault" / "Merryland" (00:00)
(02) "The Acrobat Between The Stars" (06:48)
(03) "Palace Of King Ferris" (13:04)
(04) "Tyrangatang" (16:33)
(05) "Dance Of The Tarantella" (21:31)
(06) "Tournament Of Love" (25:10)
(07) "March Of The Squatamaudars" (29:39)
(08) "A Day Without Light" (32:18)
(09) "The Wonderful Sunshiner" / "Grand Finale" (37:16)