The Black Fall - "Clear Perception" - complete album - released in January 2019.


Stefan Herbers: vocals, guitar
Wouter Lubberts: guitar
Luuk ter Denge: vocals, bass guitar
Tiemen Claus: drums, percussion
Original country: The Netherlands
Style of music: Progressive Rock

Additional Personnel;

Tom Meier: producer
Recorded at: Tom Meier Studio Recordings
Bruce Soord: (frontman of "The Pineapple Thief"): mixing
Steve Kitch ("The Pineapple Thief): mastering
Tim Bowness ("Anathema"): mastering

(01) "Mother" (00:00)
(02) "Far From Home" (04:32)
(03) "Illness Is A Virtue" (14:52)
(04) "Healing Me" (18:41)
(05) "Waves" (21:44)
(06) "The Hollow" (27:58)