Antti Martikainen - "Northern Steel" - complete album - released in December 2017.


Antti Martikainen: all instruments, producer
Original country: Finland
Style of music: Symphonic Instrumental Folk Metal

(01) "Northern Steel" (00:00)
(02) "Lords Of Iron" (11:05)
(03) "Heathen Sword" (20:15)
(04) "The Crown Of War" (33:41)
(05) "Taivaantuli" (43:31)
(06) "Mead Hall Mayhem" (56:41)
(07) "Final Kingdom" (1:02:43)
(08) "Wolfheart" (1:15:02)
(09) "Kalevala" (1:25:24)
Part I: "The Birth"
Part II: "An Ode To Kalevala"
Part III: "The Northland Trials"
Part IV: "Old Man's Lament"
Part V: "The Forger Of Horizons"
Part VI: "Witch Of The Abyss"
Part VII: "Battle For The Celestial Sphere"
Part VIII: "Restoring The Sun And The Moon"
Part IX: "Eternal Bliss"