Eternal Champion - "The Armor Of Ire" - complete album - released in September 2016.


Jason Tarpey: vocals, liner notes (note on the lyrics, February '16), lyrics
Blake Ibanez: guitar
Carlos Llanas: guitar
Arthur Rizk: lead guitar on tracks 2, 3 and 6, bass guitar, synthesizer, drums, backing vocals,recording, engineer, mixing, mastering, producer
Original country:United States, Wimberley, Texas
Style of music: Heavy Metal

Additional Personnel:

John Powers: guitar on track 4
Greg Higgins: writer on track 3
Erin Klarer: artwork (map)
Adam Burke: cover artwork layout
Michael Moorcock: lyrics on track 5

(01) "I Am The Hammer" (00:00)
(02) "The Armor Of Ire" (05:20)
(03) "The Last King Of Pictdom" (10:13)
(04) "Blood Ice" (14:27)
(05) "The Cold Sword" (16:29)
(06) "Invoker" (20:32)
(07) "Sing A Last Song Of Valdese" (25:00)
(08) "Shade Gate" (31:05)