Virtual Symmetry - "Message From Eternity" - complete album - released in February 2016.


Marco Pastorino: Vocals
Valerio Æsir Villa: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, producer, lyrics, music all tracks
Mark Bravi: Keyboards, sound effects
Alessandro Poppale: bass guitar, music on track 4
Davide Perpignano: drums, percussion
Original country: Milano, Lombardia, Italy
Style of music: Progressive Metal

Additional Personnel:

Ruben Paganelli: keyboards, saxophone
Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater): special guest on keyboard solos on track 2
Alessandro Del Vecchio: vocals on track 2
Sirio Balmelli: lyrics
Tiziano Spigno: video direction
Gustavo Sazes : artwork

(01) "Darkened Space" (00:09)
(02) "Program Error (We Are The Virus)" (03:17)
(03) "Soul's Reflections" (14:11)
(04) "Pegasus" (20:48)
(05) "You'll Never Fall Again" (29:20)
(06) "Silent Sweetness" (36:40)
(07) "Message From Eternity"
Chapter 1: "The River Of Time" (40:54)
Chapter 2: "Streets Of Universe" (46:52)
Chapter 3: "Truth Revealed: (56:39)
Ending Credits: (1:04:07)