Just a quick run-down of my 1969 Dodge Coronet 440 the vin is WH23G9Gxxxxxx, works out to a 383 2v, 727, 8 3/4 rear, Manual drums all the way around, Power steering, A/C, tripple Green (F8), mag slots (rims), I bought it around 1996 while stationed in Utah (USAF) from a guy who bought it out of the police impound, it was stolen for the 3rd time and this time the owner didn't come "bail" it out and it was sold at auction, so the story goes....? sounds fun anyhow, the ignition wires were all cut and rigged together at least three times. The car was also wrecked into the guard rail, that took out the front pass fender, bumper, grill, and the back drivers quarter pannel and rear bumper. I've always been a Mopar fan all my life, My dad owned a 1968 Dart growing up and a 1972 Fury Station wagon (new at the time) I have owned many Mopars to include 72 Duster w/only 60k miles, 65 barracuda (factory 4 speed 4 barrel 273 commando) should have never sold that one!! The guy who sold it to me said the tranny was blown, I pulled a shrimp casting net out of the clutch flywheel bell housing lead weights and all!. He must have drove over a net that some had left out to dry on the road near the docks (Biloxi, Ms 1991), ran great afterwards! 1972 plymouth Scamp with a 318 and cherry bombs (thought it was the fastest car in Cape May, Nj.....not) 73 Charger, 1983 Dodge Shelby Charger (original Non-turbo car). I've also owned my fair share of other non-mopar cars too but some how keep migrating back to Mopars. anyhow, glad to be back!