Hi there, my name's Glen, a new member from NZ, i have a 68 2dr Coronet deluxe which still has original paint, i am the third owner and purched the car from Spokane, Wasington, drove it to California and shipped it here to NZ(there's abit of a story behind the drive to California, 40 year old car, you can imagine).
Anyway, i've had a number of Amercan cars but have fallen for the Dodge and have since purched a 68 4r 440 from Massachusetts(bought off Ebay), came into NZ with a little more rust then we hoped but it is now stripped out and being repaired.
I have found it hard to source some replacement parts, window rubbers, door window felts etc, i have sourced info that apparentaly the 66-67 coronet 2dr hardtop front window rubber will fit the 68 4dr, if anyone could help will any other interchangable parts(like door rubbers etc), please let me know!!.

Thanks to all (will post pics soon), cheers, Glen.