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  1. Ghost of Tank
  2. Pictures From The Park
  3. Favorite Film & Digital Cameras?
  4. Frogs thinking " what drought? everything looks OK to me"
  5. Lost America
  6. Question about the protocol in this forum section?
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  8. Interesting idea..Try it..
  9. Just had Northern Lights..Took these shots.
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  11. Weather Pictures!
  12. vid loading test 123 Attex
  13. Spring Fling
  14. Photos from a local car show and our monthly cruise night. Tampere, Finland.
  15. Some photos to a couple of recent events. (links to my full res galleries included)
  16. Some photos of me and my wife at Yyteri, Finland
  17. Photos from Kukkais Festival Cruising, Tampere, Finland.
  18. American Iron Car show in Finland last weekend.
  19. My last coronet and a scale model I made of it!
  20. Coronet had a company today.
  21. Not a Coronet.... It's my old green bean instead ..
  22. The Show must go on....
  23. pictures of my mopars
  24. sunsets