One of our fellow DCR members Mike (mrconvertible) contacted me last week regarding information and part numbers for his 1967 Coronet 500 convertible and after providing that information to him, I thought that I'd post it here along with some additional diagrams and information for other members who own similar cars.

One of the questions that Mike asked me was if any of the 1967 Belvedere convertible models belt line trim that he needs would interchange on his Coronet, so all of the information listed below will include all of the 1967 Coronet and Belvedere convertible models.

I'll start off with all of the exterior view diagrams and part listings from the 1967 Factory Parts Book.


1967 Coronet 440 (W-H) Convertible Exterior Trim

1967 Coronet 500 (W-P) Convertible Exterior Trim

1967 Coronet R/T (W-P) Convertible Exterior Trim