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    My Friends 1973 Charger SE

    I have an extremely good friend here in Phoenix who has recently purchased his first Mopar project car, a non running 1973 Dodge Charger SE that is shown below. The car currently has a non original 360 small block backed by the original column shifted 904 automatic transmission and as far as I know, an 8.25 rear differential without a Sure-Grip. The car also has factory a/c, power steering and power brakes.

    He is going to be doing a complete restoration on the car and will be adding the power bulge hood that he recently purchased and is planning on painting the car Sub-Lime Green with a full Black vinyl top if he can locate the correct factory full vinyl top trim mouldings that were removed from the car in the past. He is also planning to add one of the reproduction deck lid spoilers and will add one of the factory style Black body stripes and two tone performance hood treatments similar to what was used on the 1971 Charger R/T models. The interior will be upgraded with a complete Rallye dashboard assembly he just purchased and the shifter will be moved from the column to the floor along with a factory console he found. Obviously he won't be taking this car back to factory stock, but rather building it exactly the way he wants it, just like I did with my 66 Coronet 500.

    As far as drivetrain upgrades go, I just helped him purchase a 1969 440 hp short block assembly and a set of 906 cylinder heads along with a 727 big block automatic transmission that can be rebuilt from another long time friend of mine here in Phoenix. He's thinking of running a Six Pack induction system and maybe one of the .474 Mopar Performance camshafts and a reproduction set of the 1969 383/440 hp exhaust manifolds, as like me, he's not a fan of headers. The 727 will most likely be rebuilt with a full manual shift valve body and a streetable 2500-2800 stall torque converter also like I run in my Coronet.

    I do need some help from you folks who own, or have owned in the past one of the 1971-1974 Dodge or Plymouth B-Body cars. I haven't been able to verify if his car does have a 8.25 rear axle assembly or not yet, but he does believe that's what he has, so with his planned powertrain upgrades, he wants to find a complete 8.75 rear differential assembly for this car and since I have almost no experience with the 1971-1974 B-Body cars, will he need to find an 8.75 from a donor 1971-1974 B-Body car, or will a 8.75 from the 1966-1970 B-Body cars work as well? New wheels and tires are also in his plans, so if the 1966-1970 rear axle assemblies are a bit narrower than the 1971-1974 units are, could he address that difference with carefully chosen offset on the rear wheels?

    Thanks very much in advance for your help!


    As it looks now with it's original flat hood.

    and somewhat like he'd like it to look after it's restoration only with aftermarket wheels rather than the factory Rallye wheels.

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