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    Quote Originally Posted by 71_deputy View Post
    glad others piped in.... has been done before- ya might have to go to and ask more there. where are you!!

    going to Mesa, In laws are there from here for 5 months of the year. spending 2 weeks there ( ah- sun and no snow!!!!!!!!!) been ruff up here for the last month- too much snow-went snowmobiling -lost my work phone, then Dad passed away, dealt with that, then my sister had two neck vertebrae's twist in her neck- big surgery there, and SNOWING like hell again- let me outta here!! lol.
    I'm extremely sorry to hear of your fathers passing and your sisters medical issues my friend. With all of that plus all of the challenging weather you've been having, it does sound like a nice relaxing vacation is in order. I'm roughly 20 to 30 miles from Mesa in North Phoenix and by the way, it's been in the low 80's here the past few weeks, but since N.A.S.C.A.R. is coming to town this coming weekend (Feb 28th-March 2nd), it's supposed to rain on Sat and Sun! It's been almost 70 days since we've last had rain, so I guess that it took N.A.S.C.A.R. coming here to make it happen!

    As far as the forbbodiesonly web site goes, I'm technically still a member there and was very active for awhile, but I haven't been around there for several years now. I'll just say that there are some issues over there that I don't enjoy and will leave it at that.

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