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    Ok, for you folks who hate any song longer than three minutes and which are written in any time signature outside of 4/4 should not even bother looking at this post, as you will absolutely hate every single song that I've posted, but if you love time and key changes and songs that involve extremely talented musicians as much as I do then grab a snack and something to drink and sit back and enjoy!


    Opeth - "Reverie" / "Harlequin Forest" from their album "Ghost Reveries" released in August 2005.

    Van Der Graaf Generator - "A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers" from their album "Pawn Hearts" released in October 1971.

    Part I: "Eyewitness"
    Part II: "Pictures" / "Lighthouse"
    Part III: "Eyewitness"
    Part IV: "S.H.M."
    Part V: "Presence Of The Night"
    Part VI: "Kosmos Tours"
    Part VII: "(Custard's) Last Stand"
    Part VIII: "The Clot Thickens"
    Part IX: "Land's End (Sineline)"
    Part X: "We Go Now"

    Genesis - "Firth Of Fifth" from their album "Selling England By The Pound" released in October 1973.

    Tool - "7empest" - from their album "Fear Inoculum" released in August 2019.

    Porcupine Tree - "Anesthetize" from their album "Fear Of A Blank Planet" released in April 2007.

    Part I: "Anesthetize" (featuring Alex Lifeson of Rush)
    Part II: "The Pills I'm Taking"
    Part III: "Surfer"

    Emerson, Lake & Palmer - (2016 remastered version) "Tarkus" from their live album "Welcome Back, My Friends, To The Show That Never Ends - Ladies And Gentlemen" originally released in August 1974.

    Part I: "Eruption"
    Part II: "Stones Of Years"
    Part III: "Iconoclast"
    Part IV: "Mass"
    Part V: "Manticore"
    Part VI: "Battlefield" (including Epitaph)
    Part VII: "Aquatarkus:

    Rush - "2112" from their album of the same name released in April 1976.

    Part I: "Overture"
    Part II: "The Temples Of Syrinx"
    Part III: "Discovery"
    Part IV: "Presentation"
    Part V: "Oracle: "The Dream"
    Part VI: "Soliloquy"
    Part VII: "Grand Finale"

    Riverside - 'Second Life Syndrome" from their album of the same name released in October 2005.

    Part I: "From Hand To Mouth"
    Par II: "Secret Exhibition"
    Part III: "Vicious Ritual" (instrumental)

    Camel - "Lunar Sea" from their album "Moonmadness" released in March 1976.

    Yes - "Close To The Edge" from their album of the same name released in September 1972.

    Part I: "The Solid Time Of Change"
    Part II: "Total Mass Retain"
    Part III: "I Get Up I Get Down"
    Part IV: "Seasons Of Man" (2003 remaster)

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