Sorry to post this but it is so quiet on here now.

Our active members are low compared to people signed up. I wonder what can be done to rejuvenate this forum.

I have had thoughts on it. Maybe the forum software needs an upgrade or even more drastically change to another one that allows a few features that are missing here.

1- Posting images. Upload from computer OR by using URL. I realize the upload option is there but the result is less than optimal. Sizing is either set too small for example, or the forum cannot handle the addition of uploaded photos correctly.
2- Cannot 'thank' or 'like' posts. IN such a socially aware world, this is a huge issue in my opinion. And not seeing visual feedback on a post you might make to help someone out, is an oversight.
3- Photo albums. Where are they? I cannot find them, the menu up there get's me to MY own..Where are all the others, and why is it so hard to find them?

I am not sure how this will be received, but obviously I care about this forum otherwise I would have just stopped using it. But as it stands I use another very busy forum for mopar related things now. As it has posts all the time, throughout each day.

This could be a great forum, but we need more members contributing.