Those of us who are old enough to remember being able to walk into a record store and spend a considerable amount of time looking through row after row of all of the albums also remember how cool it was to see all of the cool album cover artwork and on a smaller scale, CD's can be included also. I thought it might be fun to post pictures of some of those cool album covers and CD covers here on the DCR music forum. I own a copy of each of the albums that I will list in this thread in either the original vinyl or CD format unless otherwise noted, so if anybody has any questions about the album covers or the albums themselves, please let me know.


Black Sabbath - "Black Sabbath" album. Their first album and one of my all time favorite album covers!

Cream - "Wheels Of Fire" album. The original release of this album had the cover done in a foil finish.

Rolling Stones - "Their Satanic Majesties Request". The original release of this album had a plastic hologram picture of the band and a fold out cover as shown below. Later releases of this album did not have the cool hologram on the cover.

Gentle Giant - "Octopus" album. This is the U.K. version of this album cover.

Gentle Giant - "Octopus" album. The U.S. version of this album cover.

Sarah Brightman - "Dream Chaser" album. I have this in a CD format.

The Who - "Quadrophenia" album. I purchased a copy of this double album as soon as it was released and found out after I got it home that it also included a very cool booklet inside as well. This booklet is shown below the album cover photo.

Nektar - "Down To Earth" album. A cool cover and a cool album!

Jethro Tull - "Thick As A Brick" album. I have a copy of this album with the fold out cover that looks like a daily newspaper.

Kansas - "Kansas" album. Cool artwork and colors used that really made this album cover stand out in the record bins! A darn fine album as well!

King Crimsion - "Court Of The Crimson King" album. This album cover is very cool yet disturbing all at the same time!

Leon Redbone - On The Track" album. A very cool album cover and an equally cool album!

Forest Stream - The Crown Of Winter" album. I don't own this album yet, but I'm looking for it on Ebay. A cool cover and a great album!