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With Englishtown gone the only one left in North Jersey is Island..

Other than that next closes is Willow Grove, about 2hrs away, and Atco where you gotta be quick to avoid the guys playing dueling banjos...
I feel SO lucky to have been old enough to see drag racing in it's heyday in the 60's and 70's! The current cars may be faster, but they offer NONE of the coolness of the dragsters shown in this video! "Big Daddy" making the first 200 mph run with the slicks smoking throughout the entire pass! Also seeing the 60's and 70's Funny Cars that still looked like the street cars they were based on! Pro Stock cars that were based on street cars and then the Wheelstanders! Please give me a time machine I wanna go back!

There also was another drag strip here in the Phoenix area called Beeline Dragway that was built back in 1962-1963 that was closed back in the 1980's but in it's heyday it was where the AHRA National events were held and I can still remember being able to stand only a few feet away from the Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars on the starting line as they did their burnouts and launched! What a feeling THAT was! I raced at this track myself before it was closed and had a lot of fun there!


And sadly all that is left of a once great drag strip.