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    tie rods

    is there a compassionate soul out there that has replaced their early dodge tie rods ? I called advance auto, was told moog es158L and R was not I called napa they crossed ref to es60L and R. had to order 2ea for my 50 coronet, from main warehouse calif. fast forward a week they came in white boxes not labeled for application so I called them I was told I can use only three of them I have to order a "special" one, part rp26402 for 115.00! so I then called moog corp. was informed they stopped making part in 1984 but # was es131,so what about all the suppliers that list the es158 for replacement? then different sites have same # at diff locations ex: es60r for left outer seems not everyone can now I have these parts not sure are correct and where go.before I break everything apart I need some confirmation from someone that already changed theirs if you can specify right inner/outer left inner/outer I would appreciated it thanks
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