As many of you know, I have never been a fan of musicians who do covers of famous artists or famous bands, but when I came across this gentleman on Youtube doing a cover of Rush's album "Permanent Waves" and seeing that he is playing ALL of the instruments, singing ALL of the vocals and doing ALL of the filming and production work, I had to share this video! If this is a legit performance then it is amazing indeed! Give it a listen and add some thoughts and comments!


Tyler Warren: performance of the complete Rush album "Permanent Waves"

(01) "The Spirit Of Radio" (00:10)
(02) "Freewill" (05:09)
(03) "Jacob's Ladder" (10:33)
(04) "Entre Nous" (18:01)
(05) "Different Strings" (22:40)
(06) "Natural Science" (26:30)
(Part I) "Tide Pools"
(Part II) "Hyperspace"
(Part III) "Permanent Waves"