There will forever be heated discussions regarding who the best drummers of all time are, or were, but for me that best drummer of all time was Mr Ginger Baker. Most know him from his days with Cream and Blind Faith, but he was also involved in so many other fantastic projects and that is what made him so very unique and special to me.

It brought great sadness to me to learn of Mr Baker's passing on October 6, 2019. A huge part of my youth and early musical involvement was influenced by Cream and Mr Baker's drumming style. At least now he has gone to a much better place and I wish him well on his new journey.

Many will say that he was an extremely difficult man to work with and interact with and that was true, but none of that made any difference to me. What was so important to me was what he was able to do sitting behind a drum kit. Yes, there have been many other excellent drummers over many years, but none of them have, or had the same unique style that Ginger Baker had. I can still vividly remember how blown away I was the very first time that I heard Ginger's extended drum solo on the Cream song titled "The Toad". Even after all of this time since that song was first released I still get goosebumps every single time that I hear that drum solo. He was simply pure genius behind a drum kit.

Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker aka Cream, if you haven't listened to them you really should.

Rest In Peace Mr Baker.


"The Toad" - Royal Albert Hall In 1968.